Pelican Cart


The Pelican is the smaller and more affordable cousin of the Hippo (yes, we know it’s hard to believe the two animals are of the same family).

As you’d expect, the Pelican’s capacity of 35 litres isn’t as big as the Hippo’s, so it’s perfect for smaller contractors who don’t require the full bulk of the big beast. It’s a great stepping stone to the Hippo, and when you need to upgrade, you’ll find the Pelican stays handy as a perfect companion to its cousin for big projects.

The transport cart can be fitted with a hand-held mixer fitted to the Pelican motor to do the mixing automatically, without tying up labour. You can use a mixer you already own, making the Pelican a very cost–effective option for contractors wanting to increase productivity.  

  • Holds a full Mega Hippo mix
  • Accurate pour control with large handle and defined pour spout
  • Easy clean canister with no rim or edges
  • Castors with ‘Splatter Guards’ to ensure bearings remain clean
  • Easy-roll manoeuvrability with all swivelling castors
  • Compact design for use through standard doorways
  • Add a motorised helix for increased efficiency


Bowl capacity: 85 litres/160kg
Tilting cradle: Balanced for easy operation
Weight: 24kg