Portamix Update — April 2019


Back in 1998 the first Portamix Hippos were supplied to the market. Owned at that time by the original family business “Powerpac Tools”, Portamix has had a very positive journey from initial concept mixers to the new developments of today.

In the last 20 years Portamix has revolutionised the floor coating industry by providing innovation solutions that deliver unbeatable efficiency for the industry. As the industry leader, Portamix is exporting its products to 17 different countries. 

Now a new step has been taken in the history of Portamix. As of the 1st of April 2019, Portamix with its flagship products, Mega Hippo and Pelican has become its own identity; Portamix Ltd. This has become the logical step because of the growth Portamix has experienced in the past and the investment to continued innovation we are committed to. 

Importantly, the experience comes with us in this new step. The original developers of the Portamix products continue with the new company, bringing their experience with them. In addition, we have invested heavily in a refreshed brand, new website and developing new manufacturing facilities to meet the growth and industry demands as we move toward 2020 and beyond.

↑ Miles Suckling, CEO, with the latest Mega Hippo.

↑ Miles Suckling, CEO, with the latest Mega Hippo.

This change is a result of ongoing growth and success because of the support of Portamix partners like you. We thank you for your support in our journey so far. Now we look forward to continuing to meet your needs with innovative products and solutions for the years to come.

Miles Suckling — CEO

Eddy Suckling — Sales Manager

Jonathan Kearney — Logistics & Operations

Eddy Suckling