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"I bought mine from Jon-Don, I believe about 4 or 5 years now, hands down the single best investment I've made to date. I can mix faster with 3 hippos and 2 mixing than I can with my pumps, with very little material waste or cleanup. It even made it possible to mix and place with just 1 guy. If you do any kinda mixing, if it be resin or cementitous it will pay for itself a hundred times over in the first year.

Chris Nath
Concrete Restoration Technologies


The world's most innovative mix and pour system.

Get unbeatable efficiency and perfect results, every time.

It's time you upgraded to Portamix to:

  • Efficiently mix up to 80L of any flowable material.

  • Reduce labour costs by 33%.

  • Increase productivity by 40%.

  • Protect your health – let the mixer do the mixing, and you do the managing.



Save time. 
Save money.
Go Portamix.

The only decision you have to make is whether you go with the Pelican or Hippo. 

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Mix and pour with Portamix

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Latest Developments

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Portamix UK Ltd

Portamix is becoming a truly global company.

While England have been busy exiting the EU, Portamix have been entering the UK. We have established our new office in Preston, England, opening up many opportunities for both the United Kingdom, and European customers.




Game Changer

It’s a game changer, saves so much time, fantastic. When you don’t have the Portamix with you on small 15 meter square jobs you tip out the mix and say, ah, no, this is going to take AGES…
PortaMix Web_Homepage Slider.jpg